Coach Irv is an avid Amateur Boxer who competed with the UBC fight team. He now shares the gift of boxing offering lively and motivating training sessions.

Boxing Coach Introduction

"Boxing is more than a sport, it’s a way of life!"

Boxing provided me a different perspective, gave me a sense of direction and taught me many life lessons. Now I’m coaching others and it feels like I’m serving my purpose, because I believe that we’re put on this earth to help by sharing our knowledge, passion and innovations.
All Levels

Conditioning • Padwork

+4yrs Boxing • Lv 1 Coach

Energetic • Encouraging

Class Schedule

Irv teaches a wide range of classes throughout the week. So if you’re looking for fun, energetic and technical boxing classes check out his schedule bellow.

Semi-private group class to improve your boxing skills using various specialized drills. Open to all levels with a basic understanding of the fundamentals.

Learn the fundamentals with specific drills utilized to fast track your skills through direct application on the punching bag all by breaking a good sweat and having a great workout.
Cardio Boxing is the most popular class for those wanting to burn high calories, shred fat and gain full body strength all by using high energy boxing drills.

Experience a hybrid boxing class with a mix of technical & fitness exercises for beginners and intermediate levels.

The Ultimate boxing Program

Technical training camp

A 6-Week program designed for the technical development of entry level and intermediate boxers. Introducing them to key practices and safe sparring techniques.

Training Rates

If your interested in classes or private training we offer straight forward & accessible pricing options.

INTRO OFFER: $150/3 Sessions


Single Session – $95/Session

10 Sessions – $80/Session


*Save $30 For 30minute Sessions

INTRO OFFER: $50/3 Classes


Single Class – $25/Class

10 Classes – $20/Class

INTRO OFFER: 7 days free, then $195/mth


Monthly – $195/mth

Annually – $1800/yr 


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Our vision is to support and empower the inner fighter in everyone through our heritage in boxing and innovations for the future.


Our vision is to support and empower the inner fighter in everyone through our heritage in boxing and innovations for the future.


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